Select and implement your evidence-based strategies

We encourage you to select at least 1 immunization strategy from each pillar to maximize your effectiveness. 

Pillar 1 strategies: Convenience & Easy Access Strategies

  •  Use every patient visit type as an opportunity to vaccinate.
  •  Offer open access/walk-in vaccination during office hours.
  •  Promote simultaneous vaccination (e.g., offer other vaccines at the time of influenza vaccination.
  •  Hold express vaccination clinics outside normal office hours where only vaccines are offered, with streamlined flow systems for check-in, screening, and record keeping.
  •  Create a dedicated vaccination station.
  •  Extend the influenza vaccination season by vaccinating as soon as supplies arrive and continuing to vaccinate as long as flu is circulating in the community.

Pillar 2 strategies: Patient Communication Strategies

  •  Provide information about vaccine preventable diseases at the beginning of every visit.
  •  Enroll patients in electronic health portal.
  •  Train staff to discuss vaccines during routine processes such as vital signs.
  •  Discuss the serious nature of vaccine preventable diseases.
  •  Promote 100% vaccination rates among staff to set a good example.
  •  Use on-hold messages, poster, fliers, electronic message board, website posting, and social media to promote vaccination.
  •  Reach out by email, phone, text, mail, health portal etc. to recommend vaccines that are due and about arrival of influenza vaccine supplies.

Pillar 3 strategies: Enhanced Vaccination System Strategies

  •  Ensure sufficient vaccine inventory to handle increased immunizations.
  •  Assess vaccination eligibilty for every pateint encounter by a systematic mechanism.
  •  Review accurate EMR vaccination record keeping.
  •  Update EMR with vaccinations as they are administered.
  •  Update EMR with vaccinations given elsewhere.
  •  Assess immunizations as part of vital signs.
  •  Establish standing order protocols for nursing and other patient care staff to vaccinate without an individual physician order.
  •  Develop systematic process for vaccinating every person with a vaccination need, such as standing orders or pending/queuing an order in the electronic health record.

Pillar 4 strategies: Motivation Strategies

  •  Create a chart to track progress. Set an improvement goal and regularly track progress (e.g., daily or weekly). Post the graph of your progress in a prominent location and update it regularly.
  •  Provide ongoing feedback to staff on vaccination progress at staff meetings or through other forms of communications.
  •  Create a competitive challenge for the most vaccinations given among your staff.
  •  Provide rewards for successful results to create a fun-spirited environment.