Evaluate your improvement


When you are done implementing your intervention for the chosen time period you will want to evaluate your progress. Process measures will help you  track how well your team is doing with implementation tasks.  Sample process measures are provided below for your use; feel free to create your own. 

  • Number of immunizations given in a day; choose at least one vaccine to track
    • HPV
    • Tdap
    • PCV
    • PPSV
    • Zoster vaccine
    • Influenza vaccine
  • Reaching a set a goal of a number of vaccines given in a day.  
  • Used opportunities to vaccinate; number of persons vaccinated divided by number of persons seen.  Benchmark is 50% during influenza vaccination season and 25% outside of influenza vaccination season.
  • Simultaneous immunizations; number of persons given two or more vaccines during the same visit divided by the number of persons given at least one vaccine.  Benchmark is 15% for adult immunizations.
  • Other measure of your design.