Navigating the "Home Page"

The 4 Pillars Immunization Toolkit website provides you with background information and evidence-based strategies designed to help your practice towards the ultimate goal of increasing vaccination rates.

There are 3 main groups of links on the home page that you may use to navigate to the various sections of the 4 Pillars Immunization Toolkit. These groups of links are titled, "Slideshow Links," "Tabs," and "Detailed Icon Links." How to access and subsequently utilize these links is outlined in the help section titled, "Navigating the 4 Pillars Immunization Toolkit" Below, we have provided an explanation of these groups of links as well as additional features of the home page. 

   1. Slideshow Links

The first noticeable section of the homepage is the large section towards the top of the page containing 5 pictures in a slideshow format. These 5 pictures represent the main sections that explain and help you implement the 4 Pillars Immunization Toolkit. An example of one of these links is circled below.


Within each slideshow picture are brief descriptions of what each of these sections consist of. For instance, if you hover over the Foundation slideshow picture, you will see this box: 


   2. Tabs

The next section you will notice is the row of tabs located at the top right-hand corner of the page. These tabs provide another way to access the same links provided in the slideshow format. Additionally, the tab row includes the links necessary to register as a new practice and to login to the site in order to access Your Practice's 4 Pillars Plan. This is also where you will find the Help Menu.  

By clicking on any one of these tabs, "Cornerstones," "Foundations," "Blueprints," "Building Blocks," "Practices," or "Articles," you will be redirected to a landing page that will explain what each of these sections is about. 


      a. Drop Down Menus

Drop down menu links can be found by moving your mouse over the tabs which are shown above. When you click on one of these drop down links you will be redirected to the content area for that section. 


   3. Detailed Icon Links

You may also navigate the various sections of the 4 Pillars Immunization Toolkit by utilizing the detailed icon links. These 4 links are found towards the bottom of the page and provide a description, serving as a teaser or showcase of what that section of the toolkit consists of. 


   4. Recent Articles

The "Recent Articles" section is located on the bottom left-hand corner and showcases recent articles or links posted to the 4 Pillars Immunization Toolkit website that include relevant knowledge related to immunizations. 6.png