Teen Vaccine Text Messaging

Mozeo Messaging System

Teen Vaccine Text Messaging

The teen vaccine text messaging system is a primary and critical component of our adolescent immunization study. This service is FREE to your practice and patients (ages 11-17) and can be easily integrated into your practice's flow.

The text messages encourage vaccination with HPV, MCV, Tdap and influenza. The system provides access to teen/parent vaccination information and provides vaccination reminders.

To maximize use of the text messaging system by your teenage patients and their parents here are some recommendations:

  • Hang colored fliers with the text messaging key words in each of your exam rooms, waiting area, on doors, cabinets, bulletin boards, in restrooms, and check-in/check-out areas.
  • Place stacks of fliers in patient areas.
  • Ask front desk staff or rooming staff to give a flier to each teen and parent of a teen when checking in, Then
  • Encourage texting in by stating that their doctor wants them to text in and check out the information provided.
  • If a parent or teen has a flier in hand, ask if he or she has texted in.
  • Remind your patients (ages 11-17) and their parents that the messaging system is FREE to them. 

Motivate your staff to promote the text messaging system by:

  • Posting your weekly goal/progress graph where your staff can easily view it.
  • Keeping the graph updated and current.