CDC's Vaccine Stock Tally Sheet


This Vaccine Stock Tally Sheet will help you to organize all of your vaccines in one place.

Instructions: Place a copy of this sheet on the door of the refrigerator and freezer units in which you store vaccines. Record the week (by date or week number). Write the names of the vaccines/diluents and indicate the storage location of each vaccine/diluent in the refrigerator (R) or freezer (F). Record a tick mark for each dose of vaccine/diluent you remove from a storage unit (i.e., for each  dose that is administered, wasted, unusable, expired, or transferred). At the end of the week, add the tick marks for each vaccine/diluent and update the appropriate stock record. Remove the completed tally sheet from each storage unit door and store in a file for future reference. Place a new copy of the tally sheet on the storage unit door.