PILLAR 4: Motivation


Office Immunization Champion

Problem:  Behavior change takes time, and in any given year, the influenza season is long.

Solution:  Ongoing motivation is a key to success. Select an office Immunization Champion to foster commitment to improving vaccination rates and maintain motivation for the effort.

  • Monitoring provides satisfaction if achievement is good and motivation to change if achievement is lacking.
  • Foster competition and offer rewards.
  • Create team effort by soliciting ideas and develop a multi-pronged approach.
  • Encourage staff vaccinations.
  • Share progress with team.
  • Ensure that  your vaccine inventory​ is sufficient to handle the expected increase.
  • Track Progress by first setting a goal that is a 20%-25% increase over last year - either as percent immunized or number of doses to be given and graphing it over a given time period. At regular intervals graph your progress and compare with the goal.
    • If you are using number of doses as your goal, divide that number by the number of weeks that you plan to track this measure and create a graph to cover the time period.
    • If you use a line graph, the point on the graph for each succeeding week should be a total of the doses to be given by that week (cumulative); then graph the weekly cumulative total of vaccines actually given on another line with a different color.
    • If you use a bar graph, draw a horizontal line along the graph to indicate the goal number of doses to be given each week; then use a bar to indicate the total number of doses given each week.
    • See examples of graphs to use for tracking your progress.