Case 1

The following case study describes a real practice that improved their vaccination rates using strategies from the 4 Pillars Immunization Toolkit.


Two Inner-City, Faith-Based Neighborhood Health Centers in Pittsburgh


Influenza vaccinations increased by 34% and 14% respectively

The intervention sites were faith-based health centers which serve disadvantaged persons. The health centers implemented a multi-modal approach selected from the menu of options based on recommendations from the Community Preventive Services Task Force. Both sites implemented:

  • Standing Orders
  • A provider reminder system
  • Reduced-fee or free vaccines for patients
  • Patient and staff education

In addition, at Health Center A, a nursing prompt was added as part of vital signs in the electronic medical record and vaccination status was pulled into the nursing note for easy review.



SourceTailored interventions to increase influenza vaccination in neighborhood health centers serving the disadvantaged​ AM J Pub Health 2003; 93:1699-1705. PMID: 14534225