PILLAR 4: Barriers and Solutions

Overcoming Barriers to Effective Motivation


Suggested Solutions

Insufficient Staff/ Time
  • Implement SOPs to increase efficiency:
  • Enable non-physician staff to assess and vaccinate. 
  • Seek reimbursement for vaccine administration.

Legal Concerns About SOPs

Uncertainty About Patient's Vaccination Status
  • CDC accepts self-report for influenza vaccine and PPSV.
  • Patient reports are correct for receiving influenza vaccine status 94-100% of the time. PPSV 80-97% of the time.
Workflow Pattern not Conductive to SOPs
  • Use Best Practice Examples
  • Use vaccination as a vital sign to trigger SOPs
  • Use Practice Enhancement Training
  • Include team members in suggesting improvements to workflow that allow for SOPs.
Inadequate Training of Staff
Lack of Tracking System
Vaccine Storage Issues