Case 3

The following practices improved their vaccination rates using strategies included in the 4 Pillars Immunization Toolkit.


The Denver Health and Hospital Authority (DHHA)


Up-to-date rates climbed by 30% to 40%.  After the pilot was completed, the project was rolled out to 6 other sites.

The DHHA analyzed data from the immunization registry, revealing variation in immunization rates among its 8 community health centers. The following strategies were implemented to increase immunization rates.

  • Created a multidisciplinary oversight committee.
  • Developed clinical decision support tools for standing orders and linked the immunization registry with the clinical record.
  • Developed and adopted a standing orders protocol for medical assistants to administer adult vaccines using the clinical decision support tools.
  • Provided feedback of immunization rates on a monthly basis.




Source: Improving Adult Immunization Delivery with Policy Changes and Clinical Support Technology Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare; Sept/Oct 2008

Used with permission