Case 2

This practice improved their vaccination rates using strategies included in the 4 Pillars Immunization Toolkit.


Vaccination of Pregnant Women in the Kelsey-Seybold Clinic


Influenza vaccination coverage rates in pregnant women increased from 2.5% at baseline to 46.5%.

  1. A multi-specialty clinic that included 29 obstetricians who deliver about 2500 infants annually began a program to vaccinate against influenza during pregnancy.
  2. Vaccination was modeled by an immunization champion, the department chief.
  3. Educational updates were provided to obstetricians and staff.
  4. Standing orders were implemented for influenza vaccination in pregnancy.
  5. Regular vaccination rate feedback was provided at quarterly meetings.




Source: Improving Influenza Immunization in Pregnant Women and Healthcare Workers AM J Man Care 2010;16:209-216