EducationIcon.pngThe 4 Pillars Immunization Toolkit is a comprehensive program which provides physicians and their support staff with pertinent information to implement new protocols to increase immunization rates within their practices. These foundational tools also include: help with site navigation, evidence-based research supporting the Toolkit, and an overview of a standing order protocol.


ConstructionIcon.png Blueprints are the step-by-step instructions for transforming your practice and increasing immunization rates.  Included are guides for registering your practice, selecting an immunization champion, tracking progress, and creating a Standing-Order Program.

Building Blocks

ConstructionIcons.png Building Blocks contains resources needed for implementing your Blueprints and establishing the transformation of your practice. You will find helpful resources like Teen and Parent Flyers, Team Award Certificates, Super Vaccinator Blue Ribbon, CDC's Vaccine Stock Tally Sheet, and Sources of Vaccine Information.


Your Practice's 4 Pillars™ Job Site & Plan

ConstructionIcon.png Your Practice's 4 Pillars Job Site & Plan contains your customized intervention information. It includes everything you need to implement the 4 Pillars in your practice, including, a complete list of step-by-step tasks, charts and graphs of your progress, timely messages, and all necessary resources.